Plussios Telegram Bot Overview

It’s important to make it easy and accessible to work with your budget on the go. Plussios Telegram Bot allows you to input expenses and income, check your budget, and allocate funds from the familiar interface of your messenger.

Input expenses on the go

Making a record of your cappuccino purchase is as easy as texting your Plussios Assistance: “5.45, Cafe, BofA Debit Card, Cappuccino Venti at Starbucks”. The Chat Bot will tell you how much is left for Cafe after your purchase. If you go over the budget it will remind you to cover for that.

Input income on the go

When you receive money you can ask the bot to record it with “Income 10000 to BofA Debit Card. My salary”. You can choose to make the money available for the next month’s budget (read more about Budget Periods ), just tell the bot: “Income 10000 to BofA Debit Card, next month. My salary”.

Check budget overview

You can always ask the bot how much is left for each of your expense categories. Just text it: “Balance”.

Check budget of an expense category

You may want to know how much you’ve spent on one particular expense category. Just ask the bot: “Balance Cafe”, and it will report back the remaining of the budget as well as your spendings during this day, week, and month. This option comes in very handy when you try to stay within a certain daily budget on some categories.

Allocate funds between expense categories

You aim to keep all of your expense categories funded at all times. That’s why it’s important to adjust your budget when you overspend or have new money to allocate. Your Chat Bot lets you do this on the go. Just text it: “Allocate 1000 from Available to Cafe. I love coffee” to use your unallocated funds. Or “Allocate 100 from Groceries to Cafe. I’ll eat less but drink coffee more” to cover overspending on Cafe.

Transfer money between accounts (FULL)

If you use the Full Template, you can also transfer money between accounts. Just text the Bot: “Transfer 100, BofA Debit Card, Cash, Withdrawing money just in case”.

Work in Groups

It’s easy to work with family finances together—add Plussios Assistant to a Telegram group, and message it as usual. All members of the group will see what happens with the budget in real time. The Bot only responds to messages prefixed with “Plussios” so that you can discuss any aspect of your budget with each other without Plussios Assistant interference.

Get started

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