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See a 15% Increase in Financial Efficiency in Just 90 Days with Our System!

Have you ever faced a situation when it’s a week till your next payroll date and you have nothing on your accounts? Or when you had made your best to add some extra to your savings this month only to find out that the balance went a little down by the end of the month because you took out small amounts of money from there to cover your over expenses? It made you feel like everything is out of control, you’re insecure and everything. We’ve been there, and we’ve dragged ourselves out of it. So can you!

You only need to follow some simple rules. Plan only for the money you actually have, stick to that plan… and you’re great. I tried trackers, they didn’t work. Find out why.

It sounds simple on paper and the reality would make it hard to follow any plan. Worry not, we are here to help you on every step of your journey to your financial confidence.

First, there’s a tutorial waiting for you to explore. How to achieve financial zen without constant pressure for more money? Why trackers you’ve tried didn’t deliver? Get a sense of how it looks like with the video overview of our system on the right. What’s included?

Your new Google Sheets document holds your budget, transactions, and everything else you need to tame your money. You, and only you, owns the document. Want to have a specific look at your finances? No problem, just add any report you like. No proprietary lock-ins. What’s included?

Using a Google Sheet on the go is painful, that’s why you also get access to our exclusive Telegram chat-bot. You can add expenses, assign income money, cover for over expenses, and so much more, — all from the comfort of your familiar messenger. What’s included?

Despite the best tools and educational resources at your disposal, it might get a little lonely there, right? Definitely not, as you’ll also have access to a discussion platform full of like-minded fellows eager to help you and get some help in return.

Want to go more personal or need additional motivation? You can go for our text-based support and exclusive weekly check-ins from us, so that you’re always stay motivated on your journey.

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