Transform Your Family’s Financial Health with Plussios

Life gets harder when your family welcomes a new baby. Balancing the demands of parenthood with financial responsibilities can be overwhelming. Both stay-at-home and working parents face unique challenges, from managing unexpected expenses to maintaining healthy communication about money matters. Plussios is here to help you navigate these challenges and transform your family’s financial health.

For stay-at-home parents

Describe Plussios features from the viewpoint of the avatar’s pain points:

  • Provide for what’s important for the family: health, food.
  • Improve relationships with your partner, understand each other’s needs.
  • Make educated decisions about your family’s spendings.
  • Provide for yourself.
  • Get social and feel support in financial questions. Our group welcomes open discussions of money decisions and family conversations.
  • Let everyone see what you sacrifice for the family.
  • Use it on the go, right in your familiar chat app.

For working parents

Describe Plussios features from the viewpoint of the avatar’s pain points.

  • Have clear vision of where money went and where it will go.
  • Stay on the same page with your partner about your family’s expenses. Have the tool to start, and succeed in, financial conversations.
  • Gain certainty in how much money your family need right now, and why.
  • Make educated decisions about your family money.
  • Let everyone see how well you provide for the family.
  • See the whole picture on your desktop, or use it on the go.
  • Own your data.

What’s Inside Plussios

First, there’s a tutorial waiting for you to explore. How to achieve financial zen without constant pressure for more money? Why trackers you’ve tried didn’t deliver? Get a sense of how it looks like with the video overview of our system on the right. What’s included?

Your new Google Sheets document holds your budget, transactions, and everything else you need to tame your money. You, and only you, owns the document. Want to have a specific look at your finances? No problem, just add any report you like. No proprietary lock-ins. What’s included?

Using a Google Sheet on the go is painful, that’s why you also get access to our exclusive Telegram chat-bot. You can add expenses, assign income money, cover for over expenses, and so much more, — all from the comfort of your familiar messenger. What’s included?

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Let’s Transform Your Family’s Financial Health

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